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JOHANA HARTWIG responds to the physicality of spaces and objects and her work often centres around value and disposability linked to human intervention in natural and urban environments.

Johana’s first solo exhibition ‘Wet beads on the line’ took place at FlashParade Motorcade at the BV Studios, Bristol (2010) and featured a series of visual sketches:

“The magic of watching the elements play, on man made objects, on the every day.  Invisible wet beads gathering speed, then merging, surfing, falling, sprawling.”

Johana’s work looks at the spirit, usage and history of spaces and the functional limits of objects, responding to the humanity which she perceives lies innately within them, a humanity which we as their designers pressed into their very making and is perhaps akin to a soul.  Johana undertakes initial research to underpin the process, but ultimately works intuitively.

Johana graduated from University of Wales Institute, Cardiff in 2001 and has since exhibited in group shows across Wales and England as well as in France and Spain.  In 2013 she undertook a Milkfloat residency at the Cardiff Bay Barrage on Lock Island nom.2 and in the same year founded Art Shell, an arts project which helps to support artists make new site responsive work, conduct arts research and source alternative spaces for showing work.

Johana Hartwig (b. 1979) studied Sculpture at Cardiff School of Art (1998-2001) she now lives and works in Cardiff by the river Taff.


Twitter @johanahartwig

Facebook Wetbeadsontheline

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