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Redressed (2015)

This intervention tried to address the aesthetic hierarchal balance in this disused Chapel building by redressing this hidden window and mimic the other stained glass windows situated within more prominent positions throughout the building, whilst simultaneously acknowledging the room’s neglected aesthetic.


re dressed

In Pieces (2015)

In Pieces explores our relationship with the inanimate plethora of things that surrounds us and considers the way that we interact with our environment. The work responded to audible objects and spaces around Roath using sound and song.


Canal text_sm

Watermark (2014)

WATERMARK is a temporary intervention that draws attention to Cardiff’s forgotten historic canal system.


Canal text_sm

Data kite (2013)

Digital print onto rip stock nylon using data from the Cardiff Bay Barrage Harbour Authority control room computers.  Data relating to the tides, water levels, wind and sluice gates ticks along screens on the computers and disappears off the other end.  This work sought to freeze and immortalise a moment of time on fabric, that was then made into a kite and aired to the public over the environment it was reading.

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data kite

The catapult tree (2013)

Site specific video intervention for Rhod exhibition.  A patchwork of used plastic bags creates a stained window out of our detritus.  The contrast of manmade material, processed oil and logos printed in chemical dyes, stands out amongst the green of the trees and plants.  The way that the bags are fused, and naturally creased gives the plastic an organic quality and the work is attached to the tree using only the bags themselves.  The work stands out cartoon-like in the natural setting.

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Catapult tree

What’s up flour? (2013)

Site specific video intervention for Rhod exhibition, situated in a slit in the floor of an old flour mill.  The work considers our current and historic relationship with our food and the tasks associated with processing it.  The footage shows the repetitive and soothing action of a hand in isolation using a repetitive motion to create a pattern in a thin layer of flour.

What's up flour? (2013)

Shadow (2012)

The work was developed around the discovery of an imperfect model of a telegraph post, with a glitch in its moulding, which made it appear to be dripping. Sited down an urban alleyway at night, hidden in a cardboard box, the shadow was projected onto a concrete wall.  The work references film noir and the human imperfection implicit in manufactured objects, made on machines and with equipment programmed by imperfect people.


Coal shadow (2012)

The ‘shadow’ made using coal dust explores forgotten histories.  The grill is an old coal shoot, one of many that still exist next to residential properties.  The coal dust was fixed using a stencil and glue and lasted for several weeks before fading back into a memory.

Coal shadow

Fan chat (2012)

Two plastic bags were attached to two fans, connected at different points to make one bag nod up and down and the other shake left to right.  The work considers the role and purpose of objects, issues around sustainability and communication.

 fan chat


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